July 6, 2018
WordPress for Beginner - How to use WordPress

WordPress for Beginner - How to use WordPress

This is a follow-up blog frome the first part Understanding WordPress.

The users agree with the opinion that WordPress is the most appropriate system for developing various website, the features offered to users build portfolios, e-commerce system, blogs and corporate website. Besides on attractive design WordPress is also effective in SEO.

Below is important thing to do after developing the WordPress.

  1. Provide main headline and website description.
  2. Settings the time zone and language, language settings make it easy for browsers to identify the writing language.
  3. Setting the link structure, permalink containing of page title like //rozak.net/post-name are better in seo terms.
  4. Install WordPress theme.
  5. Add plugins to get additional features.


Always use themes and plugins obtained from legitimate distributors and always updated to avoid any major problems like; injection of illegal scripts that will cause spam problems and worse hacking.

Download thousand themes and plugins on this link and get ideas in building WordPress.


Add a theme.

  1. Log into wp dashboard.
  2. Select Appearance - Themes - add new, install and activate a selected theme or upload a premium theme. Click on Upload theme then upload .zip theme, upload on ftp are recomended if theme size over than 1MB.
  3. Activate uploaded theme on Appearance - Themes.


Customize theme settings to get the design as expected, refer to the documentation files to easier.

Add a plugin.

  1. Select Plugins - add new, install and activate selected plugins to get additional features required.
  2. Click on Upload plugin button to upload premium plugins, then activate uploaded plugins on Plugins - Installed plugins.
  3. Adjust the plugin settings to get the require features.


Simply add and activate plugins on your required, listen to users reviews before adding a plugin is better to get feedback. Basically the scripts and databases of theme and plugins will run outside of the original WordPress databases and scripts, it will affect the timing of website response.

Get ssd hosting for WordPress on PAKAR HOSTING.

Add a widget.

  1. Select Appearance - Widgets.
  2. Select a widget then put into sidebar or footer.
  3. Save.

Add a page.

  1. Select Pages - add new.
  2. Provide a page title.
  3. The writing structure can be use paragraph and header.
  4. Use add media button to upload files.
  5. Html codes writing can be made by converting the form to text mode.
  6. Featured images are used to display image trailer.
  7. Click on Save draft button or continue to publish it using the Publish button.

Add a pos.

  1. Select Post - add new.
  2. The concept of writing is same as add a page.
  3. Add category and tags.
  4. Save as draft or publish.

Add a menu.

  1. Select Appearance - Menus.
  2. Create a menu name.
  3. Add menu from the list of pages, posts, categories, tags and custom link.
  4. Save.
  5. Click on Manage location to display the menu on header or footer.


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