July 1, 2018, By Abdul Rozak

This is a follow-up blog frome the first part Understanding WordPress. The users agree with the opinion that WordPress is the most appropriate system for developing various website, the features offered to users build portfolios, e-commerce system, blogs and corporate website. Besides on attractive design WordPress is also effective in SEO. Below is important thing to […]


WordPress is a blog publishing system built on 2003 to continue b2evolution (b2/caffelog) an open source based on php and mysql developed by Automattic, a company founded by one of its creators, Matt Mullenweg. The development of WordPress has licensed under GPL2. The facilities and advantages of WordPress have attracted big companies and use them […]


Malware script

AVOID USING ILLEGAL SCRIPT TO BUILD WEBSITE -. Sometimes we are very stupid to use illegal script like nulled or cracked theme, can use premium features for free are the reason that often fool ourselves. So let’s think far ahead, we have nothing to lose when we pay a certain sum for the scripts legitimate like themes and plugins. We will get the license to use it and get updated to the latest version. This option is more assured in terms of bug fixes end reduces the risk of exploits files. If we are stubborn, we will get something unpleasant in website and had to work harder, if not then the website will display a clown’s face was as though there was a lough behind it.

Ads: 1GB SSD + Free SSL RM30 only.

WordPress at least have 1480 files and it will be painful if we had to find malicious scipts in each file. From this we can see which option will cause harm.

To avoid a misunderstanding the hosting provider does not always have great power to shut down the hosting when the website have a exploit script, and they should not be blamed for the mistakes we make. We must be aware if we bring to home a dangerous goods not long after that our homes will be at risk from the threats.

Meanwhile, the police will only act if it robbery happens at home or the fire bridge will only come if the house burn.

They (the police, the fire bridge and the hosting provider) have a tool to detect the problems but we are the ones who bring to home the dangerous goods.


Searc on google the theme name or plugins name to find official developer if you choose a theme or a plugins to use in website, not only for wordpress website but for all type cms. If you find the official developer and it is sold then do not ever download it for free from another website.

May you interested in the topic of: SEO.

If the official developer gives it for free then make sure he updated the version to match the latest version of cms. Do not use scripts plugins or theme that do not update more than 10 months. A good script for wordpress is always updated at least 3 months. Many who have been victimized for not taking this matter seriously, certainly we do not want to be one of them.

60 USD for a theme or 25 USD for a plugins is very reasonable to obtain an assurance in this matter.

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